Why Choose Considerate Care?

We aim to work in partnership with our young people, their families and local child care authorities to enable each young person to maximise their potential within a caring stable environment. We do this by building relationships and normality through education, health and activities.

We aim to achieve the highest possible outcomes by ensuring the individual childcare program is carefully designed, managed and reviewed.

All Considerate Care homes offer:

  • Individual care and education programmes
  • Short, medium and long term placements
  • Planned and emergency placements
  • Assessment utilizing our education and cognitive therapy consultants

Considerate Care believe in the inherent value of every individual and that each person has the same rights and deserves the same opportunities in life.

With a strong emphasis on education, health and activity, our homes have built a growing reputation for producing positive results. We provide each young person who comes into our care with every opportunity to grow and develop into functioning members of our greater community.

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