Our Mission Statement

We believe that every young person has the right to be treated as an individual and as a result will need a personal programme of support and progression designed to meet their own needs and aspirations. These objectives are accomplished within an environment that provides stability, consistency and individual acceptance.

Many troubled young people have learned strategies for survival that actively damage their interests. At Considerate Care we believe that every young person has the right to expect that we will help them in adopting new and more positive ways to cope with their problems and so improve their self-esteem and expectations.

Our primary aim is to keep young people safe by confronting anti-social or self-destructive behaviours thereby enabling the development of alternative ways of self-expression whilst creating opportunities for young people to establish and maintain trust, raise self-esteem and develop respect for themselves and others.

Considerate Care offer a quality of life that is as close to a family environment as can be achieved without the added emotional pressures of being placed with a substitute family. We do not believe in replicating ‘institutional settings’ and, to the casual observer, all of our homes are normal domestic environments.

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